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POC Tempor Helmet

POC Tempor Helmet

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The award-winning Tempor helmet is designed to provide the cutting-edge advantage needed in time trial races.


  • Developed using CFD to be the fastest helmet possible
  • Creates optimal aero profile
  • Trusted by professionals and teams around the world


Developed using CFD

Developed for ultimate speed using CFD.

EPS liner

The high-performance EPS liner is optimized for competition.

Shaped for speed

The outer PC shell is shaped for speed, deflecting air away from the shoulders for the optimum aero profile around the whole body.

Size adjuster

Make it easy to find a precise, secure fit.

Air channels

Frontal air intakes reduce air stagnation and dead spots while also channeling air for ventilation

Detachable visor

Two lenses are included: one clear, one tinted for all conditions. Can also be used without the visor.

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