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POC Aim Sunglasses

POC Aim Sunglasses

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Maximize your field of view on the roads or trails and find confidence-inspiring vision.


  • Oversize shield lens
  • Clarity lens technology


Oversize shield lens

The large shield lens gives an exceptional field of view.

Bio-grilamid frame

Lightweight, strong, durable and made from majority renewable sources.

Adjustable nosepiece

A soft, adjustable nosepiece in grippy rubber makes it easy to find a secure fit.

Grippy Temples

Grippy rubber patches on the temples ensure the glasses sit securely.

Snap hinges

Snap-in hinges allow temples to break away from the lens in a fall, minimizing damage. They can easily be snapped back in place.

Clarity lens

Lenses with Clarity technology for sharper vision are available.


Complete UVA and UVB protection.


Ri-Pel™ protects from dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and makes the lenses easier to keep clean.

Anti-scratch treatment

Keeps the lenses free from blemishes that affect vision.

Included in box

- Soft carrying pouch/cleaning cloth

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