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POC Procen Helmet

POC Procen Helmet

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Lightweight, aero and ventilated, the Procen utlises the Venturi effect to manage airflow around the head for absolute speed, bringing increased comfort and heat control when in the demanding time trial position.


  • Innovative 2-position lens system
  • Whole-head adjustment system
  • True-size fit
  • Venturi-inspired ventilation


EPS liner

The EPS liner is optimized to provide crash protection at a low weight.

PC Shell

The outer PC shell is lightweight and enhances the structural integrity of the helmet.

CFD Tested

Extensive CFD testing and evaluation helped ensure the helmet is as fast as possible.

Track Tested

The helmet's design and ventilation have been put to the test on track to ensure both speed and comfort.

Molded EVA zone

The lower zone of the rear of the helmet is molded in malleable EVA to improve comfort behind the neck.

Venturi-inspired airflow

The helmet's airflow zones are inspired by the Venturi effect to reduce drag and improve all-round aerodynamics.

Distinct trailing edge

The helmet's sharp and distinct trailing edge pushes air away from the shoulders to ensure air moves in the best possible direction.

Detachable visor

The detachable visor features short temples that snap into the helmet for security.

Breakaway visor

If the visor gets pushed in towards the face, it will break away from the helmet for improved safety.

Lens start position function

The 2-position lens can sit around 10mm away from the helmet to prevent fogging at the TT start gate. It can also be pushed out mid-ride to improve airflow.

Removable lens

The lens can easily be removed mid-ride if dirt or rain drops begin to obstruct your view.

Lightweight adjustable fit system

The minimalist size adjustment system is very lightweight and gives a secure fit.

Extra lens

The helmet comes with two visor lenses, one clear and one with Clarity technology tailored to make your vision sharper on the road.

Carrying Case

The helmet comes with its own carrying case.

Product Number: 10611

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