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Nopinz SpeedBelt

Nopinz SpeedBelt

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The Nopinz TriBelt, the “SpeedBelt”, has been designed by Triathletes for Triathletes.

Nopinz listened to all niggles that you have with standard Tri belts and came up with a revolutionary design building on their Nopinz SpeedPocket technology to bring you the most ergonomic and aerodynamic Tri belt ever made.

Nopinz SpeedBelt is buckle-less to improve comfort on the bike and on the run and made from military-grade elastic The longevity and comfort of their next-generation “SpeedBelt” is second to none.

Simply put your number into the SpeedBelts built-in number pocket and step into the waistband. When ready to run simply peel up the SpeedBelt from the velcro tabs and bring it around to the front. No buckle to dig in will see your run comfort improved and with no chance of the number folding on itself, you’ll keep the marshals and timekeepers happy.

This innovative solution stops the number flapping thus improving your aerodynamics and removing the annoyance of a constantly flapping number. In track testing undertaken by AeroCoach Ltd, a standard flapping number belt can waste 5-8 watts, or more, compared to the Nopinz SpeedBelt – if a number un-hooks from a regular belt or is safety-pinned to the cycle top it can raise drag by 10 watts or more.

Subsequent aero testing at multiple speeds and yaw angles backed up that data showing the Nopinz SpeedBelt to be on average 6.3w more efficient than a standard Tri belt.

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