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gebioMized Stride Saddle

gebioMized Stride Saddle

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gebioMized heard you! Already during the first test rides of their saddles Sleak and Area the athletes asked one question again and again: “Will you also offer a triathlon saddle?” gebioMized Stride is not only their answer to this question, but also to the basic problems of triathletes and time trial riders – especially when it comes to the really long races – and of course training for them. Because the Stride was not only developed to minimize the unpopular “shifting”, i.e. the continuous sliding forward on the saddle and having to push oneself actively back again. Thanks to its special shape it also allows for two different riding positions with the same bike set-up. Especially long-distance triathletes know how valuable this feature can be. And because gebioMized know that different athletes perceive pressure differently Stride will be available in two densities.


Shell: Composition of Carbon and Nylon

Foam: High-end EVA foam, designed for long rides

Rails: Titanium rails with improved damping


245 x 130 mm


from approximately 260 g

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