Speed. Efficiency. Comfort.

Our store is driven by three core principles: speed, efficiency, and comfort. The products we've chosen mean you do not need to compromise on any of these areas, either in training or racing! 

Want to achieve speed, efficiency and comfort but not sure where to start, drop us a message and one of our experienced team will be happy to help!


Tempo, Road and Gravel

Check out the bikes we have in stock at our boutique store and cycling analysis studio in Kista!




Stylish and fast, click below to upgrade your wardrobe!




Be the first out of the water in your next triathlon, shop HUUB!



Bike Parts

Looking to make some special upgrades to your bike, or try to find some optimisation for your comfort or aerodynamics? We have a huge range of parts for each of the bike contact points to help with this from brands such as CeramicSpeed, AeroCoach, CADEX and more!




A rocket needs fuel to fly, so do you! Nutrition is a key ingredient to a successful race or training session, so don't forget to stock up!

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